About us


Each of us is in our own business. Three of us know each other internally. Someone works 5/2, writes code and manages to maintain printers. Someone has been on the freelance needle for several years. Someone glues collages in Photoshop and sometimes shoots videos. And someone is arbitrating traffic.


July. Heat. One of us finds the site of a developer from Zhlobin. “We need to write, since we are from the same city.” The dialogue began in telegrams and continues to this day.
August of the eighteenth year. Thinking about a name for the project. Mutim Digital — we immediately liked it. Sounds upbeat and fresh. We are gaining experience working together.


They created a home office: part of the room was rolled up in white, a board and a spotlight were hung up. We ordered frameless chairs and handmade a table. They thought, “it will be the success” and it went on, only on its own. The degree of enthusiasm has decreased.


Beginning of the year. Snowless winter. Someone left work - tired of rowing. Someone was engaged in advertising and promotion. Someone managed to leave twice and come back to their hometown. In early February, moved into the office - working.


Back to work from home. Started looking for our audience through social media and found at tik-tok.


Some of us have moved to a content creation format for social media. Doing freelance work in parallel.